The Scaffold: A Celebration

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The Scaffold: A Celebration with Harry Hill

With John Gorman, Roger McGough, and Mike “McGear” McCartney and special guest host: Harry Hill

Date: Sat 18th Feb, 2023
Time: 20:30 hrs
Venue: St Georges, Bristol
Price: From £15.00

There’s never been a satirical performance group quite like The Scaffold. In the sixties and early seventies their unique blend of comedy, music and poetry packed out theatres at home and across the world and their frequent appearances on prime-time TV ensured that John Gorman, Roger McGough and Mike “McGear” McCartney became much-loved household names.

Equally loved by the mainstream and 1960s counter-culture, they produced hit after hit of chart-topping perennial favourites, including Thank U Very Much (for the Aintree Iron), Lily the Pink and Liverpool Lou.

With superfan and guest presenter Harry Hill onboard you can be sure of an evening of hilarious stories, sketches, poems, and rare footage including a screening of their short film Plod (1972), and possibly even a song or two, all celebrating the fascinating history of The Scaffold.


Photo of The Scaffold (colour), courtesy of Mike McCartney.