New Aardman Slapstick Awards Logo

Our Awards

The Slapstick Awards were developed in 2007 as a collaboration between Slapstick Festival and Aardman Animations. Awarded annually, the now prestigious ‘Comedy Legend’ and ‘Visual Comedy’ awards are designed by Aardman Animations model shop and feature ‘Morph’ in the guise of whomever the award is presented to.

The winners are selected annually by a panel consisting of Aardman Animation’s Directors and key festival personnel. The award is offered to artists who have significantly contributed to the art of silent and visual comedy. Since the awards’ first appearances in 2008, they have become a much loved and staple element of the festival, and have been awarded to some of the most legendary comedians in the business including Eric Sykes, The Goodies and Pierre Etaix.

Developed as a new strand to the Slapstick Aardman Award, the “Comedy Legend Award” celebrates the life and comic achievements of the comedians alive today that have contributed significantly to the world of comedy.

The original award was created by Slapstick Festival and Aardman Animations in 2007. The “Aardman Slapstick Visual Comedy Award”, has been developed to champion and recognise the greatest visual comedians of our time.

The Legacy Medal is a very special award bestowed upon artists who continue to work to keep the spirit of slapstick alive.