Leading Women: Kiki (1926)

Kiki portrait thumb

Leading Women: Kiki (1926)

Hosted by Lucy Porter

Friday 16th Feb.
13:30 Watershed
Dir: Clarence Brown USA 1926  1hr 48m
£11.00 (£8.50/ £5.00 concs)

Norma Talmadge is best-remembered for silent melodramas but she was a fine comedy actor, too, as proved by this Paris-set romcom. In it, she plays a street waif angling for a singing and dancing job in a theatre and for the heart of its handsome manager (Ronald Colman).

Her ruses involve sparky battles with his fiancée (Gertrude Astor), barricading herself into his bedroom and terrorising his valet (George K. Arthur). With an introduction from Lucy Porter and Daan van den Hurk accompanying on piano.