East Of Ipswich (1987)

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East Of Ipswich (1987)

With a specially recorded introduction from Sir Michael Palin

Date: Thurs 16 Feb, 2023.
Time: 09:30 hrs
Venue: Watershed
Price: £8.50 / £5.00
Dir: Tristram Powell
UK, 75 mins. Cert 12

A comedy coming-of-age film, scripted by Michael Palin for BBC 2’s Screen Two series and inspired in part by his family holiday to a sleepy seaside resort in 1959, during which he first met his future wife.

Described by many as an overlooked gem and by Sir Michael as his “happiest creative project”. The plot brings together a formidable guest house landlady (Joan Sanderson); parents bewildered by changing attitudes and teenage hormones (Pat Heywood/ John Nettleton), a clergyman running a youth mission, a fanciable neighbour, a new friend preoccupied with girls and an unexpectedly liberated Dutch girl.

Introduced by Andrew Kelly and in collaboration with Bristol Ideas.

RUNNING TIME APPROX 1 hrs 20 mins.

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