A Massive Thank You!

A huge thanks to all the Slapstickers who donated to our Kickstarter campaign and helped make the 2016 Slapstick Festival. We surpassed our goal and it’s all because of you. Whether you pledged £100 or £1 or simply shared our posts – thank you for making Slapstick 2016 the best it’s going to be.

Special thanks to; Mark French, Paolo Polesello, Elizabeth Melbourne, Kevin Patrick Anthony Swales, David Sproxton, Lu Cyrcus, Laura Doherty, Valentina Brooks, Brian Cox, Andrew Kelly, Nick Matthews, Sarah Thacker, Mark Fuller, Tom Siddell, Peter Lord, Stuart Beckett, Steven Coombe, John Boreczky, Stephen Byatt, Howard Parker, Buchwald, Kathryn Britton Davis, Stan Ham, Sam Yates, Catherine Cranston, Nancy Fornoville, Rustin Allison, Isabell Olevall, Donna Trapnell, Lisa Stein Haven, Tony Christy, J L Mackenzie, Trevor Hardy, Leigh Williams, James Parkyn, Paul Hannawi, G C Mackenzie, Elizabeth-Jane Baldry, Caroline Schwarting, Chris Serle, Ellie Denner, Kate Guyonvarch, Stephen Rose, Judith Jackson, C64Audio.com, Claire Crowther, Alex Moore, Elizabeth Brown, Chris Beynon, Arnold Lozano, Judith Hendrick, Eve, Katie McQuin-Roberts, Anna Yateman, Cara Parry, Duncan Craig, Knight of Words, Laura Doherty, G Garden, Pam Lock, Michael Naylor-Hodgkinson, Adam Dempsey, Vivien Garlick, Ioanna Dandolou, Lyn Morris, Paul H Tubb, Celia James, Mark, Paolo Polesello, Fae, Beth, Polly Rose, Michael, Peter, Michelle Harris, Stephen Smith, Mat Masding-Grouse, Jonathan Lyons, Pamela Hutchinson, Martin Short, H Myers, Janet, Jenny Doyle, Oblong Pictures, Simon Harrison, Stephanie Linz-Gould, Nick Ambler, Crispin Barker, Carol Davis, Michael Bailes, Megan Lewis, Piers Martens, Richie Paradise, Paul Barnes, Amanda Gardham, Amanda Briggs, Andrew Burt, Martin Hammond, John, Clint Kirkgard, Oliver Tratt, Ron Bingham.

Become a Slapsticker!

Slapstick Festival has been running for 12 years can you believe? In that time we have been lucky enough to work with an amazing team of experts, enthusiasts and comedians, who have all given their time for free to support our wonderful event.

Now we would like you to join the many people who have helped us over the years and ask for your support. We want you to join us and become a slapsticker!

We have started a fundraising campaign to raise £5,000 to help keep Slapstick Festival at it’s very best!

We’ve got some great gifts to give away as a thank you for all of your donations and an outline of what all of your contributions will go towards.

For more information about our Kickstarter Campaign take a look at the link below.

Let’s make Slapstick Festival the best it’s ever been!

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