Painfully Funny! When Stunts Go Wrong

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Painfully Funny! When Stunts Go Wrong

With Christina Newland

Saturday 17th Feb
09:30 Watershed
£11.00 (£8.50/ £5.00 concs)

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Whether it was Harold Lloyd accidentally blowing a few of his own fingers off, death by ostrich attack, or a chariot accident during Ben-Hur, the actors and stuntmen of early motion pictures had a lot to complain about when it came to ‘health and safety’ — or lack thereof.

Join Christina Newland, lead film critic at the i Newspaper and contributing editor at Empire, in an hour long story-telling session about the hijinx, dangers, and sometimes not-at-all death-defying adventures in the early days of silent comedy and beyond.

If you’ve ever wondered about the old ‘I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille’ joke in Blazing Saddles, this one’s for you. Age Advisory 15+

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