Keaton Speaks! 12A

Annex Keaton, Buster speaks thumb
Hosted by Polly Rose

Keaton Speaks! 12A

Thursday 15th Feb
11.30 Watershed
£11.00 (£8.50/ £5.00 concs)

Silent comedy superstar Buster Keaton continued working long after sound was added to pictures. Here Keaton researcher Polly Rose focuses on three films exemplifying the best of Keaton’s speaking roles – two in acclaimed comedy shorts from the 1930s, the third as the lead in a British television drama from 1954.

The choices include GRAND SLAM OPERA (1936), featuring Buster’s dance homage to Fred Astaire, described by Film Daily on its release as “a laugh riot – easily the best comedy Keaton has ever delivered!”

Approx event running time 90mins

Annex Keaton, Buster speaks