It’s Only Funny If It Hurts

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It’s Only Funny If It Hurts

With Bill Oddie

Date: Saturday 29th January 2022
Time: 2:00pm
Venue Website: Watershed
Map: Watershed
Price: £8.50/£5.00

You’ve Been Framed! is a 21st-century comedy phenomenon but why do we laugh at the physical misfortune of others? That accidental fall that looks precarious, that painful-looking blow to the head, that snappy kick up the bum – why do we find it all so funny? And are we bad people for doing so?

Bill Oddie presents his ‘comedy lecture’ exploring what Freud described as Schadenfreude. “You’ve fallen down—I haven’t.” It creates the laughter of pure pleasure, the pleasure derived from someone’s humiliation.

Bill himself says he wouldn’t know about that stuff, but does have “lots of experience of being in pain and being laughed at.” The lecture will illustrate this unique comedic experience with extracts from Bill’s favourite examples, think Tom & Jerry, Jackass, Laurel & Hardy, The Three Stooges, Bottom, and of course Bill’s homage to slapstick, The Goodies.

Only funny if it hurts 2022